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About your ESL Newsflash…  

An ESL Newsflash is sent to you by email at the beginning of each month. If you deleted an email, you can always go back to any ESL Newsflash via this page. You can also access the various resources that were shared by visiting the corresponding monthly folder on SharePoint. 

Note: For former ESL Newsflash, some pictures might be missing when you visit the Piktochart links. This is normal; from time to time, I need to delete pictures/images from previous publication because there is not enough storage space on Piktochart (free version). 

Did you know ?

As we try to always present new information each and every month, do not hesitate to go back and read former ESL Newsflash. You might discover interesting and unknown resources! 


ALL activities (including ACT, BO, ST, LES, ES) shared here are for OUR school board only. Please do not share with people from other school boards


ESL Newsflash 2019-2020

January 2020 PiktoChart

  January 2020 Resources

December 2019 PiktoChart

  December 2019 Resources 

November 2019 PiktoChart

  November 2019 Resources

October 2019 PiktoChart

  October 2019 Resources

September 2019 PiktoChart

  September 2019 Resources

ESL Newsflash 2018-2019

June 2019 Piktochart

  June 2019 Resources

May 2019 Piktochart

  May 2019 Resources

April 2019 Piktochart

  April 2019 Resources

March 2019 Piktochart

  March 2019 Resources

February 2019 Piktochart

  February 2019 Resources

January 2019 Picktochart


January 2019 Resources

December 2018 Piktochart

  December 2018 Resources 

November 2018 Piktochart

  November 2018 Resources 

October 2018 PDF


October 2018 Resources

September 2018 PDF


September 2018 Resources 

ESL Newsflash 2017-2018

June 2018 PDF

  June 2018 Resources

May 2018 PDF

  May 2018 Resources 

April 2018 PDF

  April 2018 Resources

March 2018 PDF

  March 2018 Resources

February 2018 PDF

  February 2018 Resources 

January 2018 PDF

  January 2018 Resources 

December 2017 PDF

  December 2017 Resources

November 2017 PDF

  November 2017 Resources

October 2017 PDF

  October 2017 Resources