Reading Resources

Québec Reading Connection – MEES 

This site is a tool which supports the competencies in the ESL program by offering a database of high-quality texts from the English-speaking world. For each book, teaching and learning suggestions are included. As we know, using books in elementary ESL enhances the development of the competencies by providing a context for meaning learning, fostering students’ vocabulary development, and offering students good models of texts. 

Storyline Online 

This award-winning children’s literacy website, also available as an app, offers not only various books, but streams videos featuring famous actors reading chidlren’s books! Which each book is offered an activity guide for ELA Teachers. These might be a interesting source of inspiration for us ESL teachers. As you know, reading aloud to chidlren has been shown to have positive impact of reading, writing and communication skills. It also improve logical thinking, concentration and inspire a lifelong love of reading! Why not use this great website to expose your learners to various readers, various English accents, various authentic books? 


Epic is free for educators. Through Epic you have instant acces to over 35,000 amazing children’s books, some audio books, some learning videos and some quizzes. There are mainly books for ELA  kids 12 and under.


Starfall is a website who’s first intention was to teach chidlren to read. Starfall’s being a US educational website emphasis on phonemic awareness, systematic sequential phonics, and common signt words. It also includes mutlisensory interactive games. 

Canadiens at School

The reading corner of Canadiens at school gives you the possibility to download child friendly stories about the Montreal Canadiens. They players  introduce the importance of values and the concepts of cooperation, responsibility, conversation, determination and respect. Illustrated story booklets are available in two different formats, for beginner readers or advanced readers. There are also short clips you can watch.

National Geographic Kids

This website gives you access to texts and videos about the environment, animals, weird facts of all kinds, awesome pictures and great stories! Each of these topics are presented with breathtaking pictures and/or videos! The Kids section of the National Geographic Magasine website also allows you to watch, play and learn! 

Roy The Zebra 

This is a website that aims at supporting emerging readers with their literacy skills. There are free reading games that can be used on your interactive whiteboards. It also offers online guided reading stories, lessons plans, printable resources and songs. You need to register, but it’s totally free to use. 


StoryPlace offers a pre-school activity library. It provides children with a virtual interactive experience. Stories are read to them, characters are moving on the page and students must click after each page to continue the online story. There are also some videos, suggested reading list and even some take home activities. 

Scholastic – Booktalk!

This section on the scholastic website aims at helping you start a booktalking culture at your school.  There are booktalking tip sheets for your students and yourself. You can also download and print ready-to-read booktalks (synopsis of the book). Various titles are offered, titles that will please little ones and older ones. 

Reading A-Z

This website, powered by Learning A-Z, offers thousands of downloadable. A free trial gives you the opportunity to explore their resources, and their 29 reading levels!  Some lesson plans and worksheets are available. Being US based, some books are aimed to be used to assess phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary (high-frequency word books) and fluency. However, there are also reader’s theater scripts, vocabulary books, poetry books, literature circles and flashcards. It’s worth visiting. 


Raz-Kids is also powered by Learning A-Z and again, a free trial gives you the opportunity to explore their resources. Raz-Kids offers over 400 eBooks that students can listen to, read or record themselves reading. It includes some nursery rhymes and poetry. There are eQuizzes to test students comprehension and, as a teacher, you can see their skill reports and listen to their reading recordings. Raz-Kids now has a mobile App that works on tablets (iPad, Android and Kidle Fire).

ESL Kid Stuff

ESL Kid Stuff offers a great variety of ressources, including lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets, songs, games & activities, esl online games and stories more!  There are plenty of free resources and free sample on the website, but to have access full access, you must be a member.