The Basics for Elementary

The Quebec Education Program

The Q.E.P. focuses on competency development and constitutes a common refence for all stakeholders in the school system. 

The Progression of Learning

The P.O.L. reaffirms the crucial role that knowledge plays in the development of the ESL competencies. It presents in detail the Essential Knoweldge sections of the ESL program. It provides a framework to include the necessary elements of knowledge when planning the developement of the ESL competencies.

The Framework for the Evaluation of Learning

The F.E.L. provides guidelines for the evaluation of learning in order to determine students’ results. These evaluation criteria are based on the ones in the Q.E.P. It stipulates the weighting of the competencies.

The Scales of Competency Levels

The scales are no longer prescribed by the Basic school regulation. They have been made available as a support for teaching. 

The Report Card Weightings and Wording 

Information about the report card weightings, for each cycle.