Useful ESL Links


On the SPEAQ website, there are some suggested resources and site for students. The site also offers general information for parents and ways to help their children. If you are a member, you can access files and archives from previous annual conventions.

Éducation et Enseignement Supérieur Québec 

The Teachers section of the Éducation et Enseignement Supérieur Québec website has a diversity of resources. I suggest you explore it!


Through the new platforme mozaïkpédago, you can access the BIM website. The BIM teams build evaluation situations (ES) for the elementary (and secondary) level. Only organization have access to the content of the bank. However, it is always interesting to have a look at the ES themes.

ESL Insight

This website supports teachers and educational consultant by providing various resources. The elementary section offers direct links to the programmes, the progression of learning and other official documents. The resources section divides up in these category: (1) handbooks to facilitate the implementation of ESL elementary programmes, (2) example of LES for each cycle, (3) posters to help students, (4) some cycle one tools and (5) some resources linked to Intensive ESL.

Services éducatifs de la CSBE 

On the main page of les Services éducatifs de la CSBE, you can easily access all the new WordPress from the elementary sector. Another interesting page to visit is the one from the RÉCIT, which discusses how to integrate technologies in the classroom.


Visit the main page of the CSBE website to have the latest news! Many shortcuts are also available from this page (e.g. calendar, ID center, PEVR).