Other Educational Websites

The ESL Playground – Emilie Racine

You need to register to have access to CS Portneuf ESL educational consultant’s website. On Emilie’s ESL playground, you’ll find vairous activites for ESL elementary students. Many activities include technologies, as she is also a RECIT educational consultant .

The English Zone – Emilie Racine

This website is to share with your students and their parents. It was created by Emilie Racine. Students can practice and learn through various online games & song. Some writing prompts are suggested.  Videos about some grammatical points are offered. An brief overview of the cycle one as well as the cycle two and three programs are offered.

Allô Prof

This website gives you access to various resources about vocabulary, grammar and verb tenses. It includes notions learned in elementary school . Thus, it provides students with an opportunity to review them! It also includes links toward other great resources (websites, YouYube videos). It suggests great tricks to help students improve! Most of the information is written in French.