50 Amazing Apps
Latest posts / October 3, 2014

Hello! I was at a RCCPALS (Regroupement des conseillères et conseillers pédagogiques de l’anglais langue seconde) meeting earlier this week with Thierry Karsenti. He provided us with his “50 Amazing apps for ESL Teachers & Learners” list. There is so much to explore! Have fun! 🙂  Dianne Attachments 50 Amazing iPad apps (173 kB)50 (173 kB)

Bilingual benefits!
Interesting reads , Latest posts / September 9, 2014

Hi Everyone 🙂 I came across this interesting article about the cognitive benefits of language learning. It’s definitely worth a read! Have a great day! Dianne 🙂     Click on the image or the link below to read the article. http://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/sep/04/what-happens-to-the-brain-language-learning?CMP=fb_gu  

SPEAQ – Pedagogically Yours!
Latest posts , SPEAQ News / September 3, 2014

Hello Everyone! SPEAQ, the association of ESL teachers in Quebec, is holding its 42nd Annual Convention at the Hilton Quebec in Quebec City, December 4-6, 2014.  The theme of the convention this year is: Pedagogically Yours! I hope to see you there! Check your email for the invitation or click on the link below.   🙂  Dianne http://speaq.org/pub/Convention/register.html   (Here is the SPEAQ invitation that was sent to you principals yesterday – SPEAQ convention invitation 2014)  

Word Crimes
Latest posts / August 28, 2014

Hi 🙂 It was great to see you all during the past few days.  I wanted to wish you all a wonderful start to the new school year. Many of you have asked me to post Weird Al Yankovic’s Word Crimes.  Here it is!  Enjoy 🙂 🙂  Dianne

RREALS – February 2014
Latest posts / February 10, 2014

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I will be at RREALS for the next few days.  (Feb. 11-14). I will be back at the office Monday, February 17th. Have a great week and a wonderful Valentine’s Day 🙂 Dianne

January 15
Latest posts / January 14, 2014

Hello! Just a quick note to let you know that I will be at the Polyvalente Saint-Georges tomorrow. Hope all is well! 🙂  Dianne

January 24 – Training
Latest posts / January 13, 2014

Hi Everyone!  This message is for those of you who are interested in attending the training day that was offered back in November.  I have decided to re-offer the same training on January 24th to those who missed it and would like to attend.   It is already up on the site if you are interested.  Have a great Monday!! 🙂  Dianne Ps.  Don’t forget to register for the Moodle training (Feb 3)……places are limited!

December 5
Latest posts / December 4, 2013

Hi Everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that tomorrow ( December 5) I will be at the Polyvalente des Abénaquis in the morning and at the PSG in the afternoon. 🙂

November 28
Latest posts / November 28, 2013

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I am at the Polyvalente de Saint-Georges this morning. This afternoon, I have a meeting at the Siege Social. 🙂 Dianne Have a great day!