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Latest posts / May 7, 2013

Hello there, Here is a series of links to some great blogs on putting Web 2.0 into the classroom. Even if you’re not a tech person yourself, or you are one but don’t have access to a fully functioning lab, these blogs still may be useful to you. Either you can use them to build up your ICT competency for that magical day when everything works well in your school computer-wise or you can now propose these tools to your students so that they can use them at home. Not everything is relevant for ESL but many of them are. By the way, you don’t have to be at ease yourself with these tools in order to propose them to your students. It’s impossible for you to be an expert in everything! Most if not all of these tools are free, so you simply need access to Internet in order to use them. http://teachamazing.com/web-2-0-in-the-classroom-part-1/ http://teachamazing.com/web-2-0-in-the-classroom-part-2/ http://teachamazing.com/web-2-0-in-the-classroom-part-3/ http://teachamazing.com/web-2-0-in-the-classroom-part-4/ http://teachamazing.com/web-2-0-in-the-classroom-part-5/ http://teachamazing.com/web-2-0-in-the-classroom-part-6/ Have fun! 🙂  Dianne