01 alphabox

02 Annexe 17-Self-evaluation grid

03 appreciation cycle 1

04 Effective communicative strategies ANSWERS

04 Effective communicative strategies MIME GAME 2X2

05 Effective teaching reflection IDEAS 06 Interactive reading PPT teacher


08 Mr Zinger’s Hat activities

09 Mr Zinger’s Hat interactive reading to modify story

10 Mr Zinger’s Hat

13 read-a-thon

14 speedbooking

15 The mysterious book activity MAKE DICE WITH CHOICES

16 The mysterious book cube

17 The roles of the students in a Cycle 1 ESL classroom

18 Types of books

19 vocabulary Hats

20 vocabulary if you give a mouse a cookie

21 guide for teachers

22 list of websites

23 List of songs

24 ideas of activities to introduce vocabulary of songs

25 content of activities PM Using books and songs in the ESL classroom CYCLE 1 MJB

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